Samsara, l’Internet of Things dei signori Meraki



Sensori, oggetti connessi (IoT). Piattaforma di raccolta ed analisi dei dati (BigData, Analytics). Sistema di near-realtime alerting. Security. Openness (API). E’ Samsara, progetto nato dai creatori di Meraki (oggi Cisco). Ce la farà? Ci sono tutti i presupposti, vedremo. Intanto proviamolo (“try for free“) e leggiamo -qui sotto- con quante sfaccettature si presentano al mercato.

The New Data Platform for the Physical World: Plug & Play Industrial IoT, A Complete Sensor Solution that Deploys in Minutes

Flexible Architecture for Many Applications: Fleet Telematics, Energy Monitoring, Cold Chain Monitoring, Industrial Sensing, Asset Monitoring

Samsara is designed for diverse environments from energy monitoring to asset utilization to vehicle tracking. Fully-wireless sensors are flexible and easy to deploy, while extensible software can capture hundreds of metrics, bringing visibility and insight into any operation.

Secure Cellular Connectivity Built In, Scalable Cloud-Hosted Infrastructure, View Any Asset, Anywhere, in Real-time, Harness Analytics to Improve Efficiency

Deploy in Minutes, not Months: Flexible wireless design, Zero-touch installation, Automatic end-to-end security,  Always up-to-date

Features: Live Search, Live & Historical Visualizations, Real-Time Alerting, Deep Analytics, Mobile Apps, Open APIs