Stefano suona la tromba

Ricordi quel motivetto che ti frullava in testa qualche tempo fa? Ora lo “suona” Louis Armstrong

Browsing minimalista

Se sei alla ricerca di una startpage minimalista e funzionale, Bonjourr potrebbe essere la scelta giusta per te

Naturale o artificiale?

Non tanto per l’originalità dei risultati, quanto per la velocità nel proporne molti, e diversi, in pochissimo tempo



“I was writing C programs in the ’90s,” he said dismissively. “I understand how ­computers work.” < Me in the '80s, still don't understand them now, though

One thing we’re certain about is that generative AI changes the game. We’re all learning the rules in real time, there is a tremendous amount of value that will be unlocked, and the tech landscape is going to look much, much different as a result.

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The latest version of VMware Telco Cloud Platform is now system validated to run Ericsson’s cloud-native 5G Core solution at the sites of joint customers

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