Il mio nuovo cane da guardia: Angee



Uno dei tanti animali domestici virtuali e connessi, buoni forse solo a far da guardia a casa e dintorni.

E’ Angee, e cioè:

  • 360° rotation. Angee has 360° visibility and motion-tracking technology so it will automatically turn towards whatever is happening in the vicinity.
  • Full perimeter security. Simply stick motion sensors on the doors and windows, and Angee will know exactly who comes and goes.
  • Notifications. The seamless mobile app gives you remote access to your home and immediately notifies you if something out of the ordinary happens.
  • Voice recognition. Angee can understand what you say and recognize who you are. Your personal password only works in your voice.
  • Autonomous Arm/Disarm. Arming and disarming is fully automated through a two-step authentication process of phone and voice recognition.
  • 10 hours of streaming battery. The built-in battery enables Angee to sustain power in case of a power outage. Angee will notify you and continue to record and stream any activity at home.