MangOH, una piattaforma hardware open source per l’internet delle cose



L’idea è ottima (Arduino docet): costruire una piattaforma hardware open source per “prototipare“, ma non solo, soluzioni della cosiddetta Internet of Things. MangOH, questo il nome del progetto, oggi è supportato da element14, Freescale®, Talon Communications, Renfell Innovation, Linear Technology, Sierra Wireless®, Texas Instruments®.

Un buon inizio.

Project mangOH is a new category of open source hardware platforms for the Internet-of-Things (IoT). The design philosophy behind Project mangOH is simple:

  • Keep the designs open source and business friendly so anyone can copy, modify, and build commercial products based on them
  • Make them flexible enough to adapt to any IoT use-case based on wired, wireless, and sensor technologies
  • Design them with industrial-grade components so that prototypes can be easily turned into a commercial products
  • Partner with other open source initiatives like the Legato™ Linux platform to remove the complexity of hardware integration

Project mangOH designs deliver 90% of your prototype out-of-the-box so that software developers can build reliable IoT solutions easily and hardware designers can customize it to create new hardware IoT devices easily.