Minimalist browsing

green cactus plant on pot
Photo by Scott Webb on

Bonjourr is a new minimalist and lightweight start page that replaces the default home page of your browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc) with something more refined and visually pleasing, inspired by Apple iOS’s “Do Not Disturb at Bedtime” functionality. One of the most interesting features of Bonjourr is the ability to have dynamic backgrounds that change based on the time of day. All the photos used are manually selected from the best offerings on the Unsplash platform.

Bonjourr is also customizable. You can add your personal touch by modifying the font, adding your own backgrounds, or changing the appearance of the clock. Additionally, it has a range of other interesting features such as Quick Links, a search bar, multi-language support, dark mode, notes and checkboxes, quotes, and custom CSS. Bonjourr is completely free and open source. No registration is required, and no data is collected.

If you’re looking for a minimalist and functional start page, Bonjourr could be the right choice for you.