Moqups, mockup per chi non ha tempo da perdere

Moqups: essenziale, rapido ed efficace. “Our design goals were clarity, simplicity and flexibility. We wanted our product to be blazing fast and load instantaneously. We are very enthusiastic with what we’ve built so far and we’re improving it on a daily basis, in no small part thanks to the suggestions of our lovely community where people […]

Hai voluto la bicicletta? Impara di nuovo a pedalare.

Toccherà farlo, prima o poi, quando anche la “bici tradizionale” evolverà. Come nel caso della Bicymple. Siete pronti? Dal sito: Is it possible to evolve from the established bicycle design while adhering to the basic principles of simplicity, functionality, style, and excitement? This is the question that gave birth to the bicymple. By removing the […]