Crafter: il Web Content Management diventa Web Experience Management

E’ l’ultima arrivata tra le partnership Sourcesense: Crafter Software, spinoff Rivet Logic, un Content Management -o meglio, Experience Management- web, che incorpora molte delle migliori tecnologie open source esistenti, tra cui Alfresco, Spring Framework, Freemarker Templating Language, Bootstrap, Google Analytics and Apache Solr. Viene proposto in versione community ed enterprise, quest’ultima a prezzi decisamente interessanti. Date […]

OpenDaylight: the open source Software-Defined Networking platform needs you.

Singoli ed aziende, sviluppatori e non: tutti possono contribuire; anche solo parlandone, ad esempio. Date un occhio qui sotto, punto 3 soprattutto. 1.Mission: OpenDaylight‘s mission is to facilitate a community-led, industry-supported open source framework, including code and architecture, to accelerate and advance a common, robust Software-Defined Networking platform[…] 2.What is SDN? SDN enables users to program […]

Perspective on the Government Adoption of Open Source Software

The Promise of open source: better quality higher reliability more flexibility lower cost an end to predatory vendor lock-in The Practice of open source: Security Flexibility Cost Savings Innovation Collaboration Accessibility Business Models Policy Compliance (link to the slideshow)