Technology and digital transformation. It’s a yes, but always people first!

It’s almost two years now I’ve been working at VMware, as sales specialist in the Cloud Management space, where many things has happened since then, in technology and in the way to present it to people. Yes, people. This is central, central topic to this post, central for my professional life, central in life at […]

Il dottor Automazione, destini incrociati

Se digital transformation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, internet of things, blockchain, microservices, ci/cd, service mesh, disruption, agile, as a service, as code, virtualization, kubernetes, serverless, deep learning, digital twin, innovation, 5G, cybersecurity, cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, multi cloud, pippo cloud sono già ‘cuciture del vostro abito‘, consuetudini del quotidiano… be’, per voi […]