Stalking at three thousand feet

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What remains of the clashes in Paris” is an article that I literally tried to sabotage last Friday while flying back from a trip to Paris.
Window seat for me, middle row for Antonio Piemontese, a freelance journalist, and article author. We don’t know each other, but a glance at the screen of his computer, open on the small table, and ten seconds of a Google search to “spot him”: he writes for Wired, talking about innovation and climate change, the cover of his blog says Led Zeppelin. The yellow and rubbery bracelet “Truth for Giulio Regeni” is on his right wrist.
More than enough clues to put me in stalker mode and ask him when and where I could read the piece about the strikes in France.

Antonio Piemontese

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Mea culpa: Antonio had to finish the article later, during the weekend, because he was busy having a long and enjoyable conversation, lasting a Charles de Gaulle-Linate flight, exploring the joys and pains of our respective professions, the points of convergence, the shortcomings – hence the opportunities – of the world of cybersecurity and its reflection in journalistic storytelling.
Do you remember the scoop about the search for Italian-Ukrainian interpreters for military training a few days ago? No, not the copycat from Fatto Quotidiano. The original, the one published on Wired: it’s his own work.

I think there are many good reasons to add Antonio’s blog to your feed reader and follow his tweets here.

(cover photo from Europa Today)