“Without the money Chrysler is making, maybe the situation for Fiat employees would be much worse”


Salvami tu che ti salvo io. Pare che il “vento magico” Fiat-Chrysler questa volta abbia cambiato direzione:

“As Europe’s economic crisis grows deeper, new-car sales have fallen below bicycle sales in Italy for the first time since World War II. And that’s intensifying pressure on Chrysler to make enough money in North America to eclipse the European losses Fiat is expected to report later this month.
Unemployment is 10.7% in Italy — below Spain’s 25.1% but nearly twice Germany’s 5.5%, says Eurostat, the European Union statistical office.
“The middle class … is basically disappearing,” said Gianluca Spina, dean of the business school at Italy’s Politecnico de Milano. “It is something really new for this country.” [continua su USA Today]