Haikudeck, presentazioni ‘quick’ ma non dirty


What is Creativity – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Haikudeck vi libererà velocemente dalla “sindrome da slide vuota di Powerpoint”. Ecco come:

Looking for a free, easy way to make beautiful presentations and have fun doing it? Welcome to Haiku Deck.

It’s a simple app where you can put together awesome slide decks, taking advantage of an library of over 40 million free images to use as backgrounds. It features simple, elegant themes and layouts to keep your presentation looking attractive and entertaining, and it’s available for PC, Mac, Chrome OS, and the iPad.

Tu porta i contenuti; ad immagini (licenziate), font e temi ci pensa Haikudeck. E’ gratuito per PC/Mac (browser) e su iPad.