Wordseye, le immagini che non avete mai… scritto!



WordsEye è una applicazione che disegna quello che scrivete (parole, testo, semantica).

WordsEye is a first-of-its kind web and mobile application that lets you literally Type a Picture using simple language. With Wordseye, you can turn you words into art, visual opinion, greetings, single-panel cartoons, and more.
A New Social Network for Creative Expression and Visual Banter. Once you create a scene, you can share it to the WordsEye Gallery or other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. WordsEye scenes can be clicked on, edited, seen from a different angle, given 2D effects, and re-shared with a unique twist.

WordsEye is cutting-edge technology that works by parsing text input into a semantic representation which is then rendered as a 3D scene. This process relies on a large database of linguistic and world knowledge about objects, their parts, and their properties.