PixCone, prove di Infografica.

PixCone, opera dell’Italiano Francesco Ricceri, fa il verso ai più blasonati Tableau Software in tema di Infografiche. Lo strumento, pur se in beta, consente di disegnare infografiche primitive a partire dai propri dati (caricati o inseriti a mano), arricchendone l’aspetto grafico con tipologie di grafico e collezioni di immagini personalizzabili. L’output è già pronto per […]

Top 60 Best Social Media Infographics You Must See

Via Scoop.it – Binterest Social media is one of the fastest growing areas in the world of Internet. With the rising of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, social media has dramatically changed the way individuals, communities and organizations communicate. More and more companies started to build their social media presence, communicating with […]

Visual.ly’s new service lets anyone make infographics, even if they stink at Photoshop

Via Scoop.it – Binterest Infographics startup Visual.ly is launching its automated service today that plans to quench the public’s thirst for interesting and visually stimulating data without the need of Photoshop or a team of expensive designers. Via venturebeat.com