Cloud Computing Trends in 2011


King Cloudphoto © 2007 Karen Ka Ying Wong | more info (via: Wylio)

Chirag Mehta and Ray Wang’s predictions:

  • New procurement will be replaced with cloud solutions
  • Private clouds will serve as a stepping stone to public clouds
  • Cloud customers will start asking hard questions about cloud security
  • Private clouds provide security and backup to public cloud solutions
  • A transition from best-of-breed applications to cloud mega-stacks will occur
  • Leverage of application market places and the ecosystem, System Integrators and Software Vendors, for last mile
  • Superior user experience and scale will no longer be mutually exclusive
  • Custom application development will shift to the cloud
  • Expect Development-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service to merge
  • Bet on System Integrators with extensive libraries that move beyond data integration
  • Delivery of consumer technology features into the enterprise, analytics first followed by mobile and social features
  • Customers will demand better virtualization technology
  • Simplification of the overall technology landscape due to the efficacy of cloud solutions
  • Access of Archival data online will drive governance, regulation and compliance as a core cloud competency

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