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17/01/2006 / English

Money is why I work; money is NOT why I work for you.

05/12/2005 / English

“Hello. Due to a maintenance action , Internet will be unaivalable between 12:30 am and 2:m. Thank you for your understanding. The IT Department” Se a metà mattina ricevete una email del genere non vi preoccupate: niente attacchi terroristici, niente hacker, niente catastrofi più o meno innaturali; è solo una questione di lingua… d’oca o d’olio?!?

21/11/2005 / English

Hope this is happening at my workplace this year (read the article)

05/11/2005 / English

Here ( you can find a very good answer to the above question. Worth trying, though.

06/07/2005 / English Great idea, great service; not free, though!

13/06/2005 / English


The Sauce Brothers Where are you? What are you doing? TSB is frozen !!!

23/05/2005 / English

Double you, jay-jay, zee… one ou six point oooooone ! I’m trying to replace that nice sound with a more “italian” one… it sounds like “radio montecarlooooo”; it’s not the same, though. And Milan is not Philly; not now.

09/05/2005 / English

Looks like this is the right time: here I am, falling asleep in front of my damned pc, finally blogging… “What?”, you’d say. “What the heck… ooooops hack!!!”, I would.