EuroTravelogue: guided tour of Lake Garda in Northern Italy

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My love affair with the Italy’s Alpine region continues with a visit to Italy’s Lake District, and this time we’re going on a scenic tour of Lake Garda! Cradled in the Italian Alps just south of the Dolomites Mountains and midway between Verona and Brescia, Lake Garda is surrounded by picturesque villages lining its shores, soaring Alpine peaks, verdant olive groves, sprawling vineyards and medieval castles towering high above the villages. Renowned for its world-class luxury resorts and breathtaking scenery, Lake Garda is just 40 minutes away from Verona and Brescia and approximately two hours from the timeless city of Venice. If you’re planning to visit any of these northern cities, then consider a day tour through Lake Garda! See on

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