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08/05/2012 / Legale

Here’s the letter sent by Yahoo! to Facebook and the list of the US Patents Yahoo!’s claiming that Facebook is violating. Pat.no. 6209003: Garbage collection in an object cache Pat.no. 6279001: Web service Pat.no. 6314463: Method and system for measuring queue length and delay Pat.no. 6317786: Web service Pat.no. 6912534: Web service Pat.no. 6976093: Web server content replication Pat.no. 6993590: Method of creating data streams for user-specific usage data gathering systems Pat.no. 7035943: Web server…

09/12/2011 / Fun

Just released a video that proves the attack plan; check it out at minute 1:43 !

10/11/2011 / English

“Watch Rick Perry’s Campaign End Before Your Eyes”