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02/01/2012 / Cool

Vi imbattete in una immagine o composizione grafica accattivante, e volete sapere che tipo di carattere¬†l’autore ha utilizzato? WhatTheFont, servizio del sito MyFonts, permette di identificare il font usato a partire dal caricamento di un’immagine. Il servizio √® disponibile anche su iPhone, tramite la app dedicata.

27/07/2011 / Links

CMIS WordPress plugin: Alfresco (2010) Alfresco connector for WordPress: wanna contribute? Alfresco Enterprise Cloud Trial: The Cloud trial is a full implementation of Alfresco Share (using Alfresco Enterprise Edition 3.3.1) running within the Amazon Cloud. Bitnami Alfresco Cloud Hosting: runs on Amazon. OrganizedDocs Return On Investment Calculator: interesting since service and estimation are based on Alfresco.

30/07/2010 / Cool

A very interesting (and Italian!) iPhone app (PlaceTrack: Google Latitude background updater) is waiting for Jobs’ approval. C’mon! June 11: “After weeks of testing with the new iOS4 background features, yesterday night I finally submitted this application to the App Store: if all goes well, I should have it approved by Apple in a couple of weeks, just in time…