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Oggi la pizza "ve la offro io": Bonus veicoli sicuri: proroga al 31 marzo 2023 per richiedere il rimborso di 9,95 euro per le revisioni dei veicoli effettuate nel 2022 https://buff.ly/3Tnep9I

Idem and Salt Project always welcome new community members. Whether you’re just curious or you’re a long-time user, take some time to attend one of the community meetings, listen to The Hacks podcast or chime in with a PR of your own https://blogs.vmware.com/opensource/2023/03/16/the-dynamic-duo-of-salt-and-idem/

VMware Explore is an innovative ride to the center of the multi-cloud universe, turbocharged with SaaS product offerings and customer-centric case studies. The Call for Proposals has officially launched and will close on March 31 at 5:00 PM PDT! https://buff.ly/3LvB4yP

If the project you maintain is owned by a foundation (CNCF, ASF) you may be able to apply to Docker's program. If you are independent and have any source of funding or financial sustainability, I'll paraphrase Docker's leadership: "sucks to be you" https://buff.ly/3YSAYnK

[Case Study] 6.2M subscribers, 75M monthly active users in 190 countries, over 500 #microservices: the Tinder #API Gateway (TAG), built atop the Spring Cloud Gateway, a highly flexible solution built on #Spring #WebFlux https://buff.ly/3YMeVPG
#oss #vmware #tanzu #apigateway