Things I’ve written somewhere else.

“Dentro il Cybersecurity operations center della Polizia di Stato, per prevenire i rischi e gestire gli eventuali incidenti informatici. Il racconto di chi ha lavorato al progetto” buff.ly/3GDA06x

Obiettivo di Digital Factory 2022 è individuare nuove soluzioni che possano contribuire alla trasformazione tecnologica e digitale di Leasys, brand di Stellantis. Scadenza per le candidature: 25 febbraio buff.ly/3FD0wvC

Salptoject.io recently released a collection of open source (of course!) Salt-maintained extension modules for VMware vSphere, VMware Cloud on AWS and NSX-T

“Security must be a top priority for organizations using low-code tools in any capacity, from using a low-code platform for application development or using a no-code SaaS solution for business process automation” buff.ly/3qpEdVO

#vRealize #Automation #SaltStack #SecOps Cloud includes a live database of certified content for CIS and DISA STIGs (Defense Information Systems Agency Security Technical Implementation Guides), allowing teams to build compliance policies” buff.ly/3KieFBR

“Enabling #SecOps functionality on #SaltStack, which provides compliance and vulnerability capabilities for the workload” buff.ly/3nlt8U1

“Know what you’re going to have to do before you have to do it” (as for every single piece of tech you adopt) buff.ly/3EVYmHf

“VM News Collector is a real-time news aggregator dedicated to the collection of all kinds of real-time news updates and applicable information & resolutions on all technology products belonging to the VMWARE Group” buff.ly/32VXBAY

Press play below to get a first look at Idem, the powerful new sibling to Salt, from the man who created both! 👦🧂👧 youtu.be/ekFdWpmoCRA