Things I’ve written somewhere else.

“It was hard to take it seriously. No way! Any self-respecting software developer knew the value of two screens! It just saved so many ‘alt/cmd + tab’s, and frequent jumps from different source files!” buff.ly/3P1NfBv

“I used artificial intelligence to determine whether my wife or I was right in our last few fights. Now we’ll never fight again.” buff.ly/3Jzn0kI

They’re the pictures that mean the most to us. What makes them good?” buff.ly/3RrF1Fc

“In November 1981, the chips were complete. The original intent had been a game machine, but at this point the personal-computer market was beginning to look promising” buff.ly/3qTTBcY

“The odd and almost unreadable proportions of the TeamViewer font make it well-suited for fingerprinting. I believe this is also its true purpose” buff.ly/3JC6qAS

“By supporting our short-term memory and encouraging completion of an activity, unfinished tasks can be useful as a productivity tool. However, it only works if you don’t leave tasks hanging over you for too long” buff.ly/3tR9Mcu

Startup listing platforms and communities are sites where entrepreneurs post information about their startups in order to attract potential buyers, investors or partners; allowing users to post their business ideas and profiles & connect with others buff.ly/3A1S3mh

“Taking apart old electronics means battling suffocating heat and hazardous chemicals with little protection” buff.ly/3bvJery

“Sometimes you have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself.” buff.ly/3vG3AF1