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“People around the world, including in China, have become increasingly aware of the risks of giving out their biometrics to companies and governments, no matter what advantages are promised in exchange” buff.ly/3ExM5M1

New normal? No, new ketchup-up-up!
(Heinz, Dolmio and Anchor: Top food brands see prices soar) buff.ly/3TEcufq

“Without configuration management automation, building and maintaining full-stack deployments at scale can be cumbersome and increase the risk of inconsistencies” buff.ly/3hF77Q6

When you don't have enterprise risk management, public audits, separations of roles and responsibilities, when you don't have the rigor of being a regulated financial institution all of the moral hazards that exist in financial institutions can go wrong buff.ly/3AduYga

“So, what do you get in a free offering? A lot more than you would expect, including security analysis, cost visibility, rich multi-cloud inventory search and business application management” buff.ly/3hENTKo
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“If you are not looking for ways to actively automate things in the cloud, you’re missing the point of using cloud-based systems in the first place. We need to expand our capabilities, even if that feels unnatural” buff.ly/3NVmmjN

“Some experts suggest that any metaverse hype partially exists specifically because people don’t understand what it’s going to be” buff.ly/3ycLkV6

“LinkedIn’s data tells us how jobs are changing, and what skills workers may need to stay competitive in the new world of work” buff.ly/3hXPHuB

“The new 10-minute limit will eventually go global, but is currently restricted to iPhones in China” buff.ly/3GatBCr 🙁

Number 9 and 36 if you are for work, innovation and fun!
("50 Ideas That Changed My Life - David Perell")