Shoot me if you can

Non me ne vogliano i colleghi, ma ho già passato la segnalazione al marketing per il prossimo kickoff. “Shoot me if you can is an urban game inspired by first person shooting online video game. Replace gun with fun, and shoot the opponent team with a cellular phone equipped with a digital camera. Participants; shooters […]

Life is like an ERP system… (no comment)

Cadbury blames IT for £12m profit dent Chocolate maker Cadbury Schweppes blamed problems with its SAP inventory system for a £12m downturn in profits. The introduction of the system in the fourth quarter led to glut of Cadbury products. Coupled with weak sales in January – all those New Year Resolutions – the company was […]

Scientists harness the power of pee

“A urine powered battery the size of a credit card has been invented by Singapore researchers. A drop of urine generates 1.5 volts, the equivalent of one AA battery”. My two (dry) cents: imagine you forgot your mobile phone charger at home: would you consider asking your pal to wet your phone an option? Hmm… […]

The 10 fastest-growing jobs

CNN Money is quite sure on this: the next boom-ish-er job, ranking no.1 through 2014, will be Network systems and data communications analyst. Average salary $60k. My two cents here: why asking for a MCSE certification though? Read more: (cnn money link)

Ai spic inglisc

“Hello. Due to a maintenance action , Internet will be unaivalable between 12:30 am and 2:m. Thank you for your understanding. The IT Department” Se a metà mattina ricevete una email del genere non vi preoccupate: niente attacchi terroristici, niente hacker, niente catastrofi più o meno innaturali; è solo una questione di lingua… d’oca o […]