La lingua del futuro?

“The Internet slowliness issue is now resolved”, scrivono i miei amici d’oltralpe. Tralasciando i perchè ed i per come della vicenda, mi piace sottolineare la fantasia dell’autore: la sostantivazione di un aggettivo come iperbole linguistica. Accattivante, analgesica.

Security, sure… security

You won’t believe it, guys! I know this firm, which would like to become a first class player in the system integration business, trying to aggressively approach the marketplace; some techies, a couple of geeks, mid/high level prices and (fortunately) a lot of cash flow generated by the other (still) biggest business line. They are committed to the bs7799 […]

The art of link baiting

Curioso post dell’amico John a proposito del crescente fenomeno del ‘link baiting’; è cioè “Link baiting looks at linking as a fishing expedition. In order to catch a fish, you need bait. In the case of site development, the fishes are other websites or blogs and the bait is your content”. Chissà se il solo […]

The ultimate must have gadget

This guy is crazy; this company is crazy too. But I love them. Here is what they say: “I dunno know about you, but I just hate rewinding my DVDs manually after watching them. Thank goodness someone came up with the DVD rewinder to relieve my tired hands. Just snap the disc on top, press […]

Italians?!? What the heck…

“Italian hackers arrested for credit card details gleaned from the Internet”, they wrote. Two Romanians (not Italians) and two Bangladeshi (not Italians) operating from a call center in the Casilino area (Rome… Italy???). Hey folks, I’m just jokin’…

Jaiku: the social (nokia-ish) phone book

Jaiku is (or will be) the ‘social phone book’, a phone book that lets you share your real-time rich presence from the phone. From Jaiku’s blog: “We invented the term ‘rich presence’ to describe the many relevant things a phone knows about you. Rich presence on Jaiku includes an IM-style away line, your phone profile […]

Sophos and the Macs

Sophos is saying that ‘many home users should consider switching to Apple Macs, to shield themselves from the malware onslaught’. Why? Mister Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos, talks about ‘hackers that seem happy to primarily target Windows users and not spread their wings to other platforms’. His conclusion is easier than it’d appear: ‘It seems likely […]