EuroTravelogue: guided tour of Lake Garda in Northern Italy

See on – Binterest My love affair with the Italy’s Alpine region continues with a visit to Italy’s Lake District, and this time we’re going on a scenic tour of Lake Garda! Cradled in the Italian Alps just south of the Dolomites Mountains and midway between Verona and Brescia, Lake Garda is surrounded by picturesque villages lining its […]

Code4Milano, Smart City Hackaton in Milan (4 maggio)

Code4Milano hackaton is a one day event where developers and designers team up to build new services for the smart city of the future using open data and services created by different institutional and industrial providers, with an exclusive early access to E015 Digital Ecosystem services. See on [See on – Binterest]

48 Hours In Milan, Italy

Milan is a thoroughly international city within Italy’s Lombardy region known for high fashion and commerce. This resilient city has weathered numerous European conquests, industrialism and the Nazi occupation of World War II. Today, it emerges as a stylish tourist destination brimming with cultural treasures, distinctive cuisine and classy evening entertainment. From the Castello Sforzesco […]

Musical Chairs (Choosing the Right Seat)

See on – Binterest One of the most complex social situations you will encounter is the 45 seconds that elapse while deciding where to sit for dinner at a restaurant. Your choice should appear natural, unbiased and haphazard if executed properly. See on